Friday, 22 April 2016

Adenan, how could you stop us from loving Sarawak?

Media statement :

Adenan, how could you stop us from loving Sarawak?

( Sibu 23/4/16)

Member of parliament for Taiping Nga Kor Ming today hits out at Sarawak care taker Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem for abusing his power by banning Pakatan leaders to enter Sarawak from helping in the imminent state election campaign.

Nga, who is also Perak DAP Chairman issued a statement immediately after he had been barred from entering the state of Sarawak this afternoon upon his arrival at Sibu airport.

In his statement, Nga said Adenan's unilateral act had amounted to blatant abuse of power as section 67 of the 1963 immigration Act clearly provided the state shall not prohibit a person from entering Sarawak if the sole purpose of his visit is to engage in legitimate political activity and his only purpose to visit Sarawak this time is to help Sarawak DAP in their campaign.

In his statement, he says that DAP loves Sarawak and are willing to offer an alternative choice for the people of Sarawak to choose but BN had abused its power by stoping them to show their love to Bumi Kenyalang.

" We are here because we love Sarawak, how could you forbid us from showing our love to Sarawak? Isn't it highly undemocratic & manifestation of dictatorship?" Nga stressed.

Nga Kor Ming is the 10th DAP leaders who had been prohibited from entering Sarawak after Selangor State Assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh was stopped & deported yesterday at the same airport.

Nga said, he arrived with a 10 members delegation from Perak but only him alone are not allowed to enter the state. "It is obviously against the spirit of fair play & democracy." He said.

Nga said, it is highly disgraceful when as a patriotic Malaysian he is stopped from entering his own country without any valid reason.

He criticized Adenan for practicing discrimination policy & double standard because all BN MPs & leaders are allowed to campaign in Sarawak but the opposition are not allowed to do so.

Nga urge all Sarawakian to rise up & protest against such abuse of power by voting against BN on the 7th of May.

" We must stop the BN from abusing their power immediately failing which there will be no rule of law & only the law of the jungle will apply in our country. It is highly dangerous."

YB Nga Kor Ming

MP for Taiping/Perak DAP Chairman

23th April, 2016.

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