Monday, 25 April 2016

Not only opposition, BN also plan to block BBC reporter from exposing their scandal in Sarawak

Not only opposition, BN also plan to block BBC reporter from exposing their scandal in Sarawak

( Kuching 26/4/16)

DAP today hits out at Sarawak BN care taker Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan for banning reporters from BBC to cover state election & exposing BN's scandals.

DAP National deputy treasurer Nga Kor Ming issue a media statement today & calling for press freedom in order to ensure a fair & clean election in the ongoing Sarawak state election which polling day falls on 7th May.

The Taiping MP says Sarawak immigration department had received instruction to stop BBC reporters & whistle blower Sarawak Report blog to enter the state after more than 20 opposition leaders including civil society movement, Bersih's leaders are force to be out from the state.

Nga says that this is the first time that international media organizations are blocked from entering Sarawak in order to cover news for election.

He states that this practice by BN Sarawak care taker government are both highly undemocratic & amount to blatant abuse of power.

He says that barring international media from covering the state election will send a wrong message to the world community that election in Malaysia is dirty, unfair & tainted by corrupt practices.

Nga calls on SPR & Suhakam to state their stand on this issue as BN's blatant abuse of power had already jeopardize the nation's image & such undemocratic act must be stopped immediately.

Nga urge Sarawak immigration department to reveal who gave them such instruction & whether it comes from Putrajaya.

In order to stop such undemocratic practice, Nga urge all the 1.2 million voters in Sarawak to vote for the DAP so the party will be empowered to provide check & balances on the BN government.

" Anak Sarawak, anang takut, anang surut, Berani UBAH!" He says.

(Picture) : Notice on Sibu immigration department office white board clearly instruct the department to forbid BBC reporters from entering Sarawak.

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