Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Speech by YAB Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng

Dear Malaysian,

What type of country do we want our children to grow up when those who gained benefits and donations amounting to billions of ringgit are not charged for corruption whilst those who gained no benefit are prosecuted for corruption.

BN can prosecute & persecute me but will not kill my passion to free Malaysia from corruption.

BN can victimize me but will not crush my spirit to free Malaysia from those who steal our children's future.

BN can even humiliate me by unnecessary detaining me overnight but will not succeed in changing white to black and black to white, right cannot become wrong and wrong cannot become right.

BN will  not break my party's unity - we stand together as leaders and members to battle for reforms towards a better Malaysia with freedom, justice and democracy.

If BN feels that they can bend or break me by arresting me, they are wrong! I will die standing than live on bended knees.

A free Malaysia, a fair Malaysia, a  prosperous Malaysia for all is worth fighting for!

Lim Guan Eng

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